Best Selenium Training Course in Marathahalli, Bangalore
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Best Selenium Course in Bangalore

Learn Selenium from Expert Trainers at RIA Institute of Technology

Selenium Testing is a popular open-source web based automation tool. Selenium is a strong set of tools that supports quick development of test automation for web-based applications. Selenium furnishes a record playback tool for writing tests without acquisition a test scripting language. It as well as provides a test area specific language to write trials in a number of big programming languages, admitting Java, C#, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python.

Best Selenium Training Institutes in Bangalore

RIA institute provides Best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore, Bangalore by experienced industry professionals and the Selenium Testing Training Institute in Bangalore is well equipped with advanced labs. Trainers working in Selenium Testing for more than 5 years are carefully chosen to conduct high quality Selenium Testing Training in Marathahalli, Bangalore so that the students can benefit from real time scenarios. Instructors offering Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore have practical knowledge as they implement their knowledge and expertise in day to day work.

Course Content for Selenium Training in Bangalore

Course content by best Selenium Training Institute in Bangalore is carefully crafted to match the industry requirements. The topics covered in Selenium Testing Training include latest and best real-time examples that are aimed to help students in getting the right job so after the completion of Training. Our expert instructors will highlight the Key topics from Selenium Testing Training based on the questions that can be possible asked by the interviewer during the job selection process; this provides confidence to the students while facing job interviews.

RIA Institute provides Class room training, online training, Weekend classed and Fast track course for Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore. Students have the option to select the course timings according to their convenience. Once the Selenium Testing Training course timings are fixed with the instructor, students are required to complete the course in the same schedule. Our schedule for Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore is very flexible as we provide training in weekdays in morning and evening for students who cannot attend Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore during weekends due to their work schedule.

Selenium Training Courses in Bangalore

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    RIA Institute of Technology

    ISO Certified Training Institute

    Years of Expertise
    Courses Offered
    Students Trained
    5 Star Reviews

    Selenium Course Fee & Duration


    • Course Duration : 1.5 Months
    • Training Hours : 50 Hours
    • Type : Online & Classroom

    Selenium with JAVA

    • Course Duration : 1.5 Months
    • Training Hours : 50 Hours
    • Type : Online & Classroom

    Selenium with Python

    • Course Duration : 1.5 Months
    • Training Hours : 50 Hours
    • Type : Online & Classroom

    Selenium Course Syllabus

    Selenium Basics
    • What is automation testing?
    • Introduction to Selenium
    • Selenium Variants
    • Supported Platforms (Browsers, Programming Languages, Operating Systems)
    • How Selenium Works?
    • Comparison between Selenium and QTP
    Selenium IDE
    • Introduction
    • Setting up Selenium IDE
    • IDE in detail’s Features and Components
    • Test Suites
    • Record and Playback in IDE
    • Editing Scripts in Selenium IDE
    • Running a Test Script
    • Selenium Commands
    • Adding Verification Points 
    • Script Examples
    • Advanced IDE  Java Script, UI Elements, and User-Extensions.
    Common Selenium Commands in Detail
    • Open and Click Commands
    • Verification Commands
    • Locator Elements
    • Wait Commands
    • Storing Variables and Store Commands
    • Examples
    Selenium Remote Control (RC)
    • Description and How Selenium RC works
    • Selenium RC Installation
    • Selenium RC Server
    • Choosing RC Programming Language
    • Exporting IDE test to RC script
    • RC Architecture
    • Writing a Test Script in RC
    Java Concepts for Selenium
    • Overview of Object Oriented Concepts
    • Classes, Objects, and methods
    • Constructors 
    • Data Types, Access Modifiers
    • Interfaces, Inheritance, Static Methods
    • Looping and Conditions
    • Exception Handling
    • Collection Library – List, Hash Map, Hash Table
    • Reading Excel/CSV files in core java
    • Database Validation
    Frameworks with Selenium, Junit, Testing
    • Supported Automation Frameworks
    • Setting up Eclipse
    • JUnit Vs TestNG
    • Executing Selenium Scripts using JUnit and Test NG
    • Sequential and Parallel Execution
    • Storing Results
    Selenium 2.0 (Web Driver)
    • Why Webdriver?
    • How Webdriver works?
    • Difference between Selenium RC and Webdriver
    • Setting up webdriver
    • Creating scripts using Webdriver
    • Playing with UI objects using Webdriver
    • Cross browser testing using Webdriver
    • Advanced WebDriver – Multiple browsers, Browser profiles, Screenshots etc.
    • Using Page Objects in WebDriver
    Page Objects Advanced:
    • Exception Handling in Selenium
    • Using Property files in Selenium
    • Establish Database connections and execute SQL queries
    • Data Driven testing using Selenium
    Setting up Selenium Grid as collection of RC servers
    Automation Frameworks
    • Modular Framework
    • Keyword Driven Framework
    • Hybrid Framework

    Course Content to be Updated

    1. Python:

    1)Setup And Configuration

    •Python Installation – Windows
    •Configuration Of Python – Windows
    •Package Management Using PIP
    •IDE Options For Python Development
    •Installing iPython

    2)Understanding Variables And Data Type

    •Python Terminal Walkthrough – Preview
    •Understanding Objects And References
    •Variables Rules
    •Numbers Data Type And Math Operations
    •Numbers – Exponentiation And Modulo
    •Arithmetic Order Of Precedence
    •Boolean Data Type
    •Working With Strings
    •String Methods – Part 1
    •String Methods – Part 2
    •More String Slicing And Indexing
    •Strings Formatting

    3)Advanced Data Types

    •List And Accessing The Elements
    •List Methods
    •Working With Dictionary
    •Nested Dictionary
    •Dictionary Methods
    •Working With Tuple
    •Python Debugger – pdb
    •Timing your code – timeit
    •Regular Expressions -re
    •Advanced Python Modules FAQ

    4)Advanced Python Objects and Data Structures

    •Advanced Strings
    Advanced Sets
    •Advanced Dictionaries
    •Advanced Lists

    5)Comparison And Boolean Operators

    •Working With Comparators
    •Understanding Boolean Operators
    •Boolean Operators – Order Of Precedence

    6)Program Control Flow

    •Conditional Logic – If Else Conditions
    •While Loop Demo
    •Break Continue And While/Else
    •For Loop Demo
    •Iterating Multiple Lists – Using the Zip Function
    •Using Range Function In For Loop

    7)Methods – Working With Reusable Code

    •Understanding Methods
    •Working With Return Values
    •Working With Positional / Optional Parameters
    •Understanding Variable Scope
    •More Built-In Functions

    8)Classes – Object Oriented Programming

    •Understanding Objects / Classes
    •Create Your Own Object
    •Create Your Own Methods
    •Method Overriding
    •Special (Magic/Dunder) Methods

    9)Exception Handling

    •Exception Handling Demo
    •Finally And Else Block
    •Pylint Overview
    •Running tests with the Unittest Library


    •Builtin Modules
    •Create Your Own Modules

    11)Python Decorators

    •Decorators with Python overview

    12)Python Gererators

    •Generators with Python

    13)Working With Files –

    •How To Write Data To A File
    •How To Read A File
    •File Handling Using “With” And “As” Keywords
    •File Handling – Excel using Pyxl module


    2. Selenium WebDriver with Python


            14)Selenium WebDriver -> Setup And Installation

    •Selenium WebDriver Installation – Windows
    •Selenium 3.x Update

    15)Selenium WebDriver -> Running Tests On Various Browsers

    •Selenium WebDriver 3.x Gecko Driver Setup – Windows
    •Running Tests On Firefox
    •Running Tests On Google Chrome – Windows
    •Requirements To Run Tests On IE
    •Running Tests On Internet Explorer

    16)Selenium WebDriver -> Finding Elements

    •Understanding Elements And DOM
    •Find Element By Id And Name
    •Understanding Dynamic Ids And Selenium Exception
    •Find Element By XPath And CSS Selectors
    •Find Element By Link Text
    •Find Element By Class Name And Tag Name
    •Understanding “By” Class
    •How To Find List Of Elements

    17)CSS Selectors – Advanced Locators

    •Using Ids With CSS Selectors To Find Elements
    •How To Use Multiple CSS Classes To Find Elements
    •Using Wildcards With CSS Selectors
    •How To Find Child Nodes Using CSS Selectors
    •CSS Cheat Sheet

    18)Xpath – Advanced Locators

    •Difference Between Absolute And Relative Xpath
    •How to Build An Effective Xpath
    •Using Text To Build An Effective Xpath
    •Build Xpath Using Contains Keyword
    Build Xpath Using Starts-With Keyword
    How To Find Parent and Sibling Nodes
    •Practice Exercise With Solution + *** Interview Question ***
    •Xpath Cheat Sheet

    19)Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Web Elements

    •Browser Interactions Introduction
    •Browser Interaction *** Practical Implementation ***
    •How To Click And Type On A Web Element
    •How To Find The State Of A Web Element (Disabled And Enabled Elements)
    •Radio Buttons And Checkboxes
    •Working With Elements List
    •Understanding Dropdown Elements
    •Working With A Dropdown Element *** Practical Example ***
    •How To Work With Hidden Elements
    •Working With Hidden Elements – Practical Example

    20)Selenium WebDriver -> Useful Methods And Properties

    •How To Get The Text On Element
    •How To Get Value Of Element Attribute
    •Generic Method To Find Elements
    •How To Check If Element Is Present
    •How To Build Dynamic XPath

    21)Selenium WebDriver -> Wait Types

    •Implicit Wait Vs Explicit Wait
    •Implicit Wait *** Practical Example ***
    •Explicit Wait *** Practical Example ***
    •Generic Method To Work With Explicit Wait

    22)Selenium WebDriver -> Advanced

    •Calendar Selection Introduction
    •Calendar Selection *** Practical Example ***
    •Calendar Selection *** Real Time Example ***
    •AutoComplete Introduction
    •AutoComplete *** Practical Example ***
    •How To Take Screenshots
    •Generic Method To Take Screenshots
    •Executing JavaScript Commands
    How To Find Size Of The Window
    How To Scroll Element Into View

    23)Selenium WebDriver -> Switch Window And IFrames

    •How To Switch Window Focus
    •Switch To Window *** Practical Example ***
    •How To Work With IFrames
    •Switch To IFrame *** Practical Example ***
    •Handling JavaScript Popup

    24)Selenium WebDriver -> Working With Actions Class

    •Mouse Hover Actions
    •How To Drag And Drop Element On A Web Page
    •Working With Sliders Actions

    3. Logging with Python

    25) Logging Infrastructure

    •Introduction To Logging Infrastructure
    •Changing The Format Of Logs
    •Logger – Console Example
    •Logger – Configuration File Example  How To Write A Generic Custom Logger Utility

    4. UnitTest Framework

    26) Unittest Infrastructure

    •Unittest Introduction
    •Writing First Test Case
    •How To Implement Class Level SetUp And TearDown Methods
    •How To Assert A Test Method
    •How To Run Code From Terminal  How To Create A Test Suite

    5. Pytest Framework

    27) Pytest -> Advanced Testing Framework

    •Pytest Installation And First Script
    •How To Work With PyTest Fixtures
    •Multiple Ways To Run Test Cases
    Important Note For Next Lecture
    Conftest -> Common Fixtures To Multiple Modules
    •How To Maintain Run Order Of Tests
    •Running Tests Based On Command Line Arguments
    •Structure Tests In A Test Class
    •How To Return A Value From Fixtures
    •Install PyTest HTML Plugin  How To Generate HTML Test Report


    6. Automation Framework – Page Object Model

    28)Automation Framework – Part 1

    •Automation Framework Introduction
    •Understanding Framework Structure
    •Test Scenario Without Framework
    •Important Note For Next Lectures – Windows
    •Convert Test Case To Page Object Model Framework
    •Refactor Your Page Object Class – Part 1
    •Build Your Custom Selenium Driver Class
    •Refactor Your Page Object Class – Part 2

    29)Automation Framework – Part 2

    •Add Logging To Automation Framework
    •How To Verify Test Case Result
    •Complete Login Page Test Cases
    •Create Conftest To Implement Common Setup Methods
    •Refactor Conftest *** Make Framework More Readable ***

    30)Automation Framework – Part 3

    •How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution
    •How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution *** Practical Example *** Part – 1
    •How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution *** Practical Example *** Part – 2
    •Implement Screenshots In A Framework  Taking Screenshots On Test Failure
    •BasePage And Util Concept Introduction
    •Inheriting BasePage Class

    31)Automation Framework -> Practice Exercise

    •CustomDriver -> Additional Methods Before Exercise
    Practice Exercise Question
    Find Element Locators -> Solution Part 1
    •Create Register Courses Page Class -> Solution Part 2
    •Create Register Courses Test Class -> Solution Part 3

    32)Data Driven Testing

    •Setup And Configuration
    •Data Driven Testing *** Practical Implementation ***
    •Utility To Read CSV Data
    •Multiple Data Sets Test Case *** Practical Example ***

    33)Running Complete Test Suite

    •How To Manage Navigation In Framework
    •Refactor Login Tests
    •How To Run A Test Suite
    •Running Test Suite On Chrome



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    RIA Institute of Technology is a best Selenium Training in Bangalore. It is the best institute where we can build our career. You can get a constant support from their end. Online classes along with the existing video recordings help a lot to further revisit and clarify your doubts.


    [Selenium Course]

    RIA Institute of Technology is the place where we can get very good knowledge on Selenium Training in Bangalore. RIA Institute provides a very good guidance for cracking an interview.


    [Selenium Course]

    Hello everyone, I had at wonderful experience RIA Institute of Technology. It's a great platform to build a career in Selenium Training in Bangalore, It's a nice place to learn new concepts and languages and also many placement opportunities are provided, Really am very happy to be a part of the RIA Institute family.


    [Selenium Course]

    RIA Institute of Technology is a very good place to learn Selenium Training in Bangalore. Trainer is very good job in teaching Selenium Training in Bangalore .They explain the topics really well along with real time scenarios. A highly recommended place to learn selenium Training.


    [Selenium Course]

    I had a great and quality learning experience with RIA Institute of Technology, It was new for me, but the trainer was very good at handling the subject Selenium Training, so everything was amazing, had an amazing learning experience with RIA Institute of Technology.


    [Selenium Course]

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